Friday, March 25, 2011

folders are hidden in pen drive

1. click start>>run>>type in "cmd"
2. type the location of your flash drive.. e.g. "d:", "e:", "f:", etc..
3. type "dir /ah"
*you will now see the files/folders with hidden attributes
4. type "attrib [name of file/folder] -r -a -s -h"
*if you're going to unhide files, you should type the whole name plus the extension (format).. example "attrib party.jpg -r -a -s -h"
**if you have folders with 6 characters and above, type the first 6 characters then "~1".. example for folder named "birthday"
"attrib birthd~1 -r -a -s -h"
5. you should repeatedly type dir /ah after unhiding some files/folders so you'll know if they're now working or not..
6. now check you flash drive.. it should be there..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jquery Auto complete plugin

$("#txtSearch").autocomplete("/test/searchitembyCode",{ matchCase: false ,
parse: prep_data,
formatItem: function(item) {
return item.Title;
}).result(function(event, item) {

// Handle data from ajax request
prep_data = function(data){
tmp = eval('(' + data + ')');
parsed_data = [];
for (i=0; i < tmp.length; i++) {
obj = tmp[i];
// Other internal autocomplete operations expect
// the data to be split into associative arrays of this sort
parsed_data[i] = {
data: obj ,
value: obj.Id,
result: obj.Title
return parsed_data